Good Find

Since entering the blog world I have had a lot of fellow bloggers commenting and visiting my site so I have been following them in return.  While browsing through them today I was on and found his entry about What Should I Read Next? I think that is a time old question that I am constantly asking once I finish a book.  Well, on this site you type in either a title/author or keywords about the book you just finished up, click and you have a full list of similar books.  How cool is that?  I just wanted to share because I was so excited to see that!  So go check it out when you finish up your next book and see what suggestions pop up!


3 responses to “Good Find

  1. OMG…I can’t wait to try this…I always hate it when a really wondrous book ends…choosing the next one is so wrenching…

  2. This is a great link. Thanks! I’m very much enjoying your blog :~)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely check this out.

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