Let the reading commence…

I already feel like a slacker because I was supposed to be up by 8:00am and I did plan on that but my alarm did not go off so I overslept, oops.  So this should be the point where I give a three hour update but I have only been reading for about 1/2 hour.  I will make up for it though by reading extra tomorrow so I am still going for 24 hours!  I have started the Evernight series and I have not put it down yet, so far so good.  We will see how it goes as I get further into the book.  I will put up another update in about 3 hours and it will be a real one this time because I will have actually have been reading for a good chunk of time.  Oh and thanks to my cheerleaders already today it is great to have someone stop by and be encouraging 🙂


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