Pantyworthy Authors Mini Challenge

Mini-Challenge Number 2!  I have to participate in this one because Rebecca is hosting it and she is my “Blog Pimp” after all 🙂  Anyways, panty-worthy authors, I think I have quite a few right now,

YA- Melissa Marr, Maggie Stiefvater, Lauren Kate and Julie Kagawa are my favorite right now

Adult- Audrey Niffenegger, Margaret Atwood and Rachel Vincent (who actually rights YA too)

I am actually going to see Melissa, Maggie and Margaret soon because they will all be in my town (not at the same time but still) the one I am most excited about I have to say is Rachel Vincent!!  I am not really even sure why she is my favorite, I just love her Shifters books and her Soul Screamers books, the suck me in and I cannot get enough of them.   I am actually trying to work out going to BEA because I know she is going to be there.  You know what is really sad, I actually had a dream about what I would say last night if I did meet her…I don’t think I can throw my panties at her, but I will be having a “OMG” moment when I do meet her and have to restrain myself from hugging her.  I actually just had my hands shake a little thinking about it.  Wow, how much of a nerd am I?  Alright Rebecca, now I am all wound up thinking about that so I need to stop and get back to reading, great idea for a mini-challenge though 🙂


4 responses to “Pantyworthy Authors Mini Challenge

  1. This is a fun mini-challenge! Happy reading!

  2. Just dropping by to offer a cheer! 😀

  3. What’s the point in going all the way to New York if you’re not going to throw your panties?? And you know, I’ll be right there to egg you on 🙂

    Thanks for taking the challenge, Meaghan! So glad to hear you’re going to try to come to BEA.

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