Ash vs. Puck

Have you read Iron King?  And if you said no, um, why not?  It is a totally awesome young adult fantasy book that is Julie Kagawa’s debut novel.  If you want to know more about the summary of the book click here!  Anyways, on Monday Julie is having a face off with Team Ash vs. Team Puck, the two fey boys in Meghan Chase’s life.  I personally am team Ash, I love that dangerous, mysterious, dark Prince, how could you not?  I really don’t see the Puck thing, don’t get me wrong he is an awesome friend, but that is where the relationship ends. (Sorry Team Puck fans, I just don’t see it!) Anyways, I am going to stop for now and just be ready to see the duel commence on Monday.  So if you are interested then check out the info here 🙂


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