Very Busy

Sorry I have posted this week, I have been working on grading papers.  Report cards went home today and I was a little behind :0 I will have my review up of Radiant Shadows soon, I have been itching to read it more, but work comes first unfortunately.    My highlight of the week though was going to see Margaret Atwood!!  Her book, The Handmaids Tale is one of my all time favorites, so going to see her was amazing.  She actually sang the mole song from The Year of the Flood, it was awesome.  If she is every speaking anywhere near you go and check it out, it will be worth it!  So that has been my week so far oh and also, I started a twitter so come and follow me 🙂   Hope everyone is having a less busy week than me, I am personally looking forward to the weekend!


2 responses to “Very Busy

  1. I followed you. I’m @annaeccentric, but I’m hardly ever on Twitter.

    I’d love to see Margaret Atwood. I’ve read a few of her novels, and loved The Handmaid’s Tale.

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