House of Night Questions

I think I have mentioned before that I have a friend who only reads vampire books, yep, she doesn’t read anything else even though I have tried to suggest other books it doesn’t work.  Anyways, my point is she let me borrow some books the other day and among them were all the House of Night books that are out so far.  I have heard so many mixed reviews about these books, but I decided to give them a chance.  I read the first one and I was intrigued, the writing style is a little weird (for example parentheses like this every other line was a little distracting) but I liked the storyline.  So, I moved onto book two and I found that I was putting the book down, a lot, and I felt like the plot did not pick up until the last 2/3 of the book.  When it did pick up I really enjoyed it but I felt like that was a lot of book to get through before I was enjoying it.  So here is my question, do I keep going?  Has anyone read these and enjoyed them?  Does the series pick up?  Thoughts?


4 responses to “House of Night Questions

  1. Haven’t read them because I was too in love with Twilight, Blue Bloods and The Immortal series…try them…

    • Thanks for the suggestions, I actually read the first in the Immortal series yesterday and really liked it! After I get through this series I will try the Blue Bloods next.

  2. I read the first three and thought they were ok but honestly the main character really got to me. I didn’t finish the rest of series because of that. I also don’t like how they spend the first part of the book going over every thing that happened in the last book. I think I don’t like because I would assume most people would have read the previous book. Any way I am someone that gave up on it.

    • That is exactly how I feel about the first parts of the books, that is why I struggled so much to get through them. I might have to give up on this series too, thanks for your comment!

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