Grand Canyon Haven

I have not put up a picture in a while of another place I love to read, so here is another picture for you to enjoy 🙂  The picture on the left was taken at the Grand Canyon, this bench is actually just off this little back road on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  My husband and I went to visit there one summer on a big trip out west and this was one of my favorite places.  When people visit the Grand Canyon the most popular part to visit is the South Rim, but we chose to go to the North Rim because it was the summer time and it is much cooler up there.  A lot of the North Rim is pine trees and they are actually burned occasionally to help control the population of animals up there and when they are burned they look a little eerie to me.  The picture on the right shows what they look like after the controlled fire. Another really neat thing about the North Rim is the location of the lodge, the last picture in this post is a picture of the lodge and yes it is on a cliff that over looks the canyon.  There are bars that line the deck of the lodge, but if you go over those bars you are going into the canyon, it is a little intense.   The North Rim is just as beautiful as the South Rim in my opinion, it is not as crowded and it is much cooler so you can sit outside, read and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  If you get a chance to go out there you will not regret it!


3 responses to “Grand Canyon Haven

  1. I really love your blog post, I’ve been wanting to visit the grand canyon for a while now. I hear it is amazing. Thanks for sharing 😉

  2. Thank you, if you get a chance you really should go, it is beautiful!

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