Melissa Marr Signing

I had an amazing day today!  Melissa Marr came into town to sign books at a local bookstore The Fountain Bookstore and said she might be in town early so I definitely showed up early.  When I got there Melissa was already there with two other women and we went all went across the street to have some tea and just hang out.  I got to chat with her and two other really nice ladies for an entire hour and just pick her brain!  We talked about her current books, her upcoming books and just life in general.  It was amazing!!  She was absolutely lovely, she was very down to earth and so easy to talk too.

After that we all walked over to the bookstore where she answered questions and signed our books.  It was a very non-structured event where anyone could just ask questions and just talk to her.  The informality of it made me feel very comfortable and at home, which made the event very enjoyable.  I also got to meet some fellow book bloggers which was nice.  It is great to talk to people who love the same things as you.  I actually stayed after and talked to Susan from Wastepaper Prose for over an hour, I love meeting fellow bloggers!!

To sum it up I had a great day and I am now on cloud nine!  Between meeting Melissa and making a new friend I am chalking this up to an awesome day 🙂  And if you are ever near a location where Melissa is signing books, go!  I know you will have a great time!


One response to “Melissa Marr Signing

  1. It was great meeting you today girl! Can’t wait to hang out and talk books again soon. 🙂

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