BEA: Take One

This past week has been so crazy and so much happened I am going to split up the days into different posts so one post does not go on forever.  I am going to start with Wednesday because I did not arrive in NYC until late Tuesday night.  I stayed with a friend while I was in New York, who I soon learned did not have AC so I was a little hot while there, but I learned to adapt.  Plus, this is the view from her roof.  I woke up early Wednesday morning and managed to maneuver my way through the subway and walk the remaining distance to the Javits Center, which may I say when you first see it is a little overwhelming!  It is so big!!  I put up a picture of the outside and the inside to try and give you a feel for its size.  Anyways, when I got there I was lucky enough to find Susan from Wastepaper Prose and James from Book Chic to walk around with for the day.  I was so happy to find friends, because it is very easy to get lost in the Javits center and there are so many books I was easily distracted.  We spent most of the morning going around to different publishers, picking up books and talking with people there.  I was having a great time!  Around 2:00 we split up because all of us wanted to do different things around that time and I headed over to find Lauren Kate who was signing copies of Torment.  I am really looking forward to reading this book and I wanted to make sure I was there early enough.  Lauren was not signing until 3:00 so I felt like  I was lurking a little, which is why I am glad I met Kate from I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read in line.  She was waiting for the same book and we eagerly waited for Lauren together.  We got to talking and just clicked right away, which was one of the things I loved about this whole experience, meeting new people 🙂  I spent the rest of the day hanging out with friends and getting books signed.  After BEA was over for the day we all went to the Book Blogger Reception hosted by HarperCollins at the Algonquin.  It was great to have us all in one place to talk and catch up on our day.  After the reception many of us went out to dinner (with a crazy mean waitress) and then headed home.  I had been up since about 6:30 am so when I got back to my friends place around 11:30 I almost had to struggle to keep my eyes open I was so tired!  But I had a great day, I got so many awesome books and made some new friends 🙂  I will post a picture later this week of all the books I brought home with me!  Stay tuned for day two of BEA 🙂


5 responses to “BEA: Take One

  1. I loved hanging out with you on Wednesday! 🙂 Like, I seriously felt like we were old friends or something, joking around constantly. I’m very glad you found us that morning.

    • I am so glad too :). We need to find another time to go hang out, so it’s not just once a year at BEA!

      • Will you be at ALA? I’m planning on going at least Saturday. And do you live in MD? or like around the DC area? Because I visit there frequently since my parents live in Alexandria. I still have your cell # so if ALA is in your plans, we can work something out. 🙂

  2. Those are great photos, Meaghan! I was so upset when I realized that I didn’t get many pics of book bloggers. 😦 I had kind of hoped we would do one giant one at the conclusion of BBC, but everyone had to leave at different times. Maybe next year!

    • I looked back and thought the same thing, maybe next year we should figure out a way so we can all take a pic together :). I need to take more pics next year too…need to make a mental note of that…

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