BEA: Day Two

So I tried to go to bed early Wednesday, but the friend who I was staying with and I got to talking and I was up waaaayyy to late.  Waking up early again on Thursday was a bit of a struggle, but then I thought off all the potential books I could get and people I would meet and I got up 🙂  The first thing I noticed when I got up was my shoulder pain, all the books I had been carrying around the day before were super heavy and I was paying for it now.  I pressed on though and navigated the subway again, I took a cab from the last subway stop to the Javits Center because I did not want get lost again in the maze that is New York City.  Plus even though I know I am a tourist in the city, I did not feel like sticking out and basically having a sign on that said “hey, I new here and lost!”  so I just took the cab.  Thursday was the day that Clockwork Angel was going to be “dropped.”  For those who might now know what that means, the publishers would schedule times when they would put certain books out and you had to be at their booth at that time to get a particular books.  Clockwork Angel was “dropping” first thing Thursday morning, and my point is when I walked in on Thursday there was already a huge line of people waiting to get into the main area so they could go and get the book.  The minutes seem to drag and the line grew, finally at 9:00 am the center opened and people ran, not walked, ran to get this book.  It was insane (and so fun to watch) I know the people working at the convention center that day thought it was nuts, but I thought it was great!  People were that excited for a book!  To me that is awesome!!  This is a book that I want to read, but there were others I wanted that morning so I left my friends temporarily to pick up some other books.  It was another amazing day at BEA, I met some more book bloggers and found that throughout the day, the people I was walking with changed frequently depending on the book I wanted.  It was so neat to go from not knowing someone at all, to all of a sudden having so much to talk about because we share a love for the same thing, books.  I was so nervous coming into BEA, but it was one of the best experiences I have ever had.  I came home that night with another 20 something books and sore shoulders, but it was totally worth it.  Thursday was the night where I stayed in with my friend and just hung out.  We walked down her street and got some really good ice cream, it was this local place that makes fresh interesting flavors.  For example I had ginger ice cream…it was sooo good!!  Next time I go back to New York I am going to go back to that place and try their chocolate hazelnut!  Yum!  After ice cream we headed back to the apartment to call it a night.  Before I did though, I wanted to take some pics from the top of my friends roof because she has this amazing view and I wanted to capture it.  I loved watching all the cars go by and the people walking around.  Then my exhausting kicked into high gear so I headed back downstairs to get some sleep because on Friday I had the Book Blogger Convention, dinner and a show to go see and I knew I was going to go non-stop all day.  I will write about my last day in New York soon and tomorrow for my In My Mailbox post I will put all the books I got while in New York.


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