Picture that Paints A Thousand Books……

I was scrolling through my Google Reader today checking the blogs I follow and when I got to Find Your Next Book Here I found a really interesting post.  She posted about another blogger, Simon at Stuck In A Book, who challenged his readers to:

Post a picture which sums up your reading taste, or a section of it. I’m looking for a picture which doesn’t include a book in it, or a character from an adaptation, or anything like that. It can be a photograph you’ve taken, or a painting you’ve seen, or anything … have fun with it.

This sounded really interesting to me, so I decided to participate.  I love to read but another passion of mine is photography so I thought this would be a great way to combine those two worlds.  So on Jenners blog I also read about the picture she posted and where it came from because her picture was so interesting, you should look at it here.  Anyways, the picture was done by a man named Erik Johansson, who’s website and other work can be found here and his pictures are amazing!  He combines photography with retouching to make these photos that are brilliant!  So I scrolled through his photos and finally came upon this one…

Gränsen by Erik Johansson

Is that picture not amazing?  Well I chose this picture to represent my reading taste because as I say on my about page “I live in this world everyday, I want my books to take me somewhere else.”  This picture shows a girl dressed in everyday clothes opening a window that looks like it leads to a completely different world.  That is what I want, I want to go somewhere else when I read.  I do not want to read about everyday life, I want to read about the fantastical or the paranormal or anything else but “normal.”  This picture, to me, expresses how I feel about reading.  So now, I challenge you to find a picture that sums up your writing style and go to Stuck In A Book and post it!


4 responses to “Picture that Paints A Thousand Books……

  1. A wonderful picture and what a great idea 🙂

  2. Wasn’t that web site the coolest!!??? I love that guy’s work! Nice choice … and I love your explanation too. I’m glad you decided to play along.

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