Insatiable Book Trailers by Meg Cabot

I was so excited when I got my copy of Insatiable by Meg Cabot in the mail!  I have been looking forward to this book for a while!  I finished the book last night and I am going to put up my review tomorrow along with a contest to win a copy of Insatiable!  Today though, I am going to show you a couple of the videos Meg Cabot has done that go along with this book.  The first one is the book trailer, make sure you watch until the end because it will seem strange at first, but will make sense at the end

The second video is of Meg giving you a quiz to find out if your boyfriend is actually a vampire…

She’s funny isn’t she?  Ok, here is the third video, this one is hilarious.  She re-enacts the plot of Insatiable using Barbies…enjoy

I literally laughed out loud on that one.  I love that she is poking fun at herself and her own book.  Alright that is it for now, come back tomorrow for my review of the book and the contest!


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