Under Construction…

So this week has been umm…well…INSANE!!  As you may recall I am in the process of moving and the pictures you see are what the space we are moving into look like as of now.  You see, we are staying with some family while we try to sell our house and while the place where we are staying has plenty of room, we still need to get it all organized.  So that is where I have been, buried underneath the contents of my house.  Have you ever noticed that you don’t know exactly how much stuff you have until you move?  Yeah, cause I did not realize until now and I even donated a bunch of stuff to Goodwill and I still am left with all this.  Oh and isn’t that leopard iron board nice?  Yeah, that is from college I have not seen it in 6 years, where did it come from?!  I don’t know but it is going to goodwill soon.  Ok so as for this week, I am going to try to come back to the book world because Dark Flame comes out today and I am ridiculously excited about it!  I also have a review of Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce to put up and Frostbite by Richelle Mead so those will hopefully be up later this week.  ALA is also around the corner, it is Friday-Monday this week and I am attending!  I am very excited to be going and I have quite a few book blogger friends that I get to catch up with.  On that note, remember when I went to BEA and I said I would be able to post and then it didn’t happen?  Well, I see that happening again with ALA, although since ALA is closer to my house I might be able to post more often which is what I am hoping for we will see.  So to sum up, this is where I have been the past week sorting though my life and I am hoping to have a slight dent in it before ALA this week.  Oh and that is my cat trying to figure out what is going on as he walks through the one walking path we have right now.  Anyways, back to organizing wish me luck 🙂


One response to “Under Construction…

  1. Oh, I do recall the last time I moved! I am still so traumatized that the thought of moving throws me into a panic. Before my last move, I’d lived in the same place for thirteen years (the longest time ever in my adult life!), so there was a good deal of stuff.

    I had given away a lot before the move, too, but still ended up looking kind of like your place above.

    The worst thing for me, too, was finding stuff and figuring out where to put stuff…and being without the computer until it could be hooked up with Internet, etc.

    Good luck!

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