The Dark Divine News and Contest

I am really excited to share some news with you guys today!   Bree Despain, author of The Dark Divine, has posted a couple of exciting things on her blog.  The first is a book trailer for The Dark Divine shown below

Looks great right?  Ok, so the second piece of news is a contest involving this video.  Bree is trying to get the word out on The Dark Divine (and why not it is awesome) so she is holding a contest and giving some great books away!  The whole point of the contest is to get the book trailer viewed.  And if the video gets enough views she will even give away a signed ARC of The Lost Saint!!  Which is the sequel to The Dark Divine, in case you did not know that.  Interested?  More rules and information for the contest can be found on Bree’s site here.  So go check out the contest and spread the word about this awesome contest.  I know I am going to be entering!


2 responses to “The Dark Divine News and Contest

  1. On my way to check everything out!!!

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