ALA Day One

Last week I was lucky enough to attend ALA in Washington DC.  I was so excited to be able to go because I knew there were going to be some great authors and books there.  The first day was Friday and I kicked off the day by having breakfast with some fellow bloggers, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl!!  The one and only authors of Beautiful Creatures, I was so excited I got invited to this breakfast because I love this book!!  And Kami and Margaret were so cool, in the picture Kami is on the left, Margaret is on the right and I am in the middle.  We also took a group photo of everyone who was there that day, there was this poor girl just sitting alone eating her breakfast that took the pictures for us, she had to take it 10 times I think since everyone had their own camera and wanted a picture.  During breakfast we talked about everything from how they got published, to how Beautiful Creatures has become a worldwide phenomenon, we even got to hear some fun stories about how Kami learned to escape from the trunk of a car.  I had a great time and I was elated to get my copy of Beautiful Creatures signed and get some cool swag, I am thinking about giving some of it away, but that is for another day.

So after breakfast I had some time to kill before the exhibits opened,  I decided to hop on the metro and go check out some museums.  I took a picture of this awesome sculpture along the way because tree’s are so beautiful to me and this sculpture really grabbed my attention.  I ended up at the National Art Gallery to try and find my favorite painting called The Old Violin.  I am not really sure why I love this painting so much, but every time I am near this museum I have to go find this painting.  Anyways, I found my painting, browsed a little bit and then found this great little courtyard to people watch and read in.  It was nice to have some downtime to just relax in peace and quiet.

Time flew when I was reading and before I knew it the exhibits were getting ready to open.  So I got back on the metro and headed to the convention center.  When I got there I met up with a couple of friends and we proceeded to explore.  Just like BEA the exhibit floor was huge, but it was not nearly as crowded as BEA so it was actually nice to walk around.  I did not go to any author signings the first night because the exhibits were only open for two hours, so it was mostly just walking around, getting great books and meeting new people.  I took a picture of all the books I got each day and will put it all in one big In My Mailbox post coming up this weekend so look for that. That about sums up day one, it was a lot of fun and I was highly anticipating the rest of the weekend 🙂


7 responses to “ALA Day One

  1. That is awesome…your photos are lovely.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! Great photos, and its very awesome that you met Kami & Margaret.

  3. Very awesome!! 🙂 You got some fun books from the first day! And that’s so cool you got to meet and chat with Kami and Margie- sounds like an awesome time!

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