We Give Books

This post might appeal more to the teachers/librarians out there, but I still think it is a great idea that everyone can use.  So, I went to ALA as a book blogger, but the teacher side of me came out frequently.   One such time came out while walking through the isles at ALA  when I stopped at the Penguin booth,.   While there a nice man name Darel demonstrated “We Give Books”  to me.    Basically the program is three steps,

1.  You “pick a campaign” meaning you pick on location out of all the options they have on their site where you want your book to get donated to.

2.  You choose from a list of books online to read.  The books have three ranges “0-3”, “4-9” and “8-10” years old.  So they are all picture books and meant for younger readers.  You have to read the book on the computer, but it is in color and you can flip through the pages as you please.  I know it may sound strange to read a picture book online, but it really is neat.

And finally 3.  Penguin donates a book to the cause that you chose after you complete the book.

Let me explain a couple of things real quick because I had a few reservations about this when it was first explained to me too.  You can read the same book repeatedly and they will still donate a book every time you read any book, including repeats.  So you could have this book as a center station in your classroom and have the children read the same book over and over and every time they read it, a book gets donated.  I know people that are not teachers/librarians can not do that, but you have children of your own or nieces or nephews right?  Read to them, or have them read a book on their own, as long as you have a computer and internet access you can participate.

Here is the best news of this, it is free.  You have to sign up via email, but I did it while at ALA and it was super simple.  To sum up, I really think this is a great way to get books to people around the world that might not be able to get books on their own.  Interested in doing this, or just want some more information?  Go to the site here and browse around for yourself, I think you will be happy you did.


3 responses to “We Give Books

  1. What a marvelous idea! I am going to sign up right now and will tell all of my librarian friends about this site!!!

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