ALA Day Two

So since I am on vacation, I have no idea what is in my mailbox this week and therefore I cannot participate in that meme 😦  Instead, I thought I would put up my adventures of ALA day two.  I once again met up with my friends and started to wander through the booths.  I had a quite a few signings I was attending and I was really excited to meet all the authors.  One of the signings that day was with the authors of Picture the Dead, Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown.  It was so great because not only did they sign the book but, they dressed up in character and let me take a picture with them!  I thought it was so fun that they got into character, don’t they look great?  I was rocking a lovely headache this day so I am looking run down, but I had to put up this picture, the costumes are just too good.

I also got a chance to meet Karen Kincy, author of Other.  I did not take a picture with  her because I am still a little shy about asking for them, but she was very nice and I did get a copy of her book signed, yay!   Next I went to get Ascendant by Diana Peterfreund, which is the second book in the Killer Unicorns series and while waiting in line I saw Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and Sand People from Star Wars taking pictures with people!  Seriously, I think I might have squealed when I saw them.  I am a huge Star Wars fan, not movies 1,2,3 sorry George Lucas, I love the original movies with Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker.  Anyways, the lady behind me was nice enough to save my spot and I went and took pictures with them.  I got back in line and still got to meet Diana Peterfreund, which was great because she was very nice.  The last signing for that day was The Search for Wondla by Tony DiTerlizzi, which had a huge line, but it was worth it to get a signed copy of that book too.  I grabbed a couple more books that day and got to talk with some great bloggers and meet new people, which is always such a great part of these conferences.  By the end of the day though, I was exhausted and my headache was  giving me no peace so we called it a day and said we would meet up again the next morning to start the excitement all over again 🙂


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