New Theme

Wait, this blog looks different than the last time I was here…is this the right blog?  Yes, never fear, it’s still me!  I was getting tired of my old theme and decided I needed a change.  Also, I review mostly sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal type books and the theme I had before just didn’t seem to fit that.  This one is not perfect either, but I feel a little better about it.  Eventually I want to get a complete blog makeover, but for now I think this works.  What to you think?  I like the darker color and my new header pic (I took that at the beach this year).  I will stick with this for a while, but eventually I will change again because I know me and I like to change things up occasionally.  For now though, this is me.  Do you like it?


12 responses to “New Theme

  1. I like it. I was really surprised to see the change though cuz I hadn’t been here in a few days.

    • Yeah, I was getting to tired of the old one. I just get to bored with the same thing so I like to shake it up now and then. Plus, I like reading dark background with light text better, personal preference I guess 🙂

  2. I like it. It’s makes everything stand out more.

  3. I meant “it makes” 🙂

  4. I do that, too; change my headers and themes. I get bored and like to experience new things.

    I like what you’ve done here…it certainly does reflect the kinds of books you like. Enjoy!

  5. I like it! I am very partial to darker themes and lightening! 🙂

  6. It looks dark and magical and mystical…good job!!!

  7. I love the new look, especially the header. I love watching lightning and listening to thunder. Too bad too many of the storms this year have had the threat of tornadoes. Makes it hard to enjoy them.

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