Waiting on Wednesday-Afterlight

I have been so busy lately, that I have not had a chance to post a Waiting on Wednesday, hosted at Breaking the Spine, for a while.  I decided to try and get back in the swing of these because I really do love them 🙂  So, this week I am featuring an urban fantasy book called Afterlight by Elle Jasper.  I saw the cover of this book and fell in love, I feel like this girl is going to kick some butt just from the way she looks on the cover and I love it.  I will have to wait and see though because the book does not come out until November 2nd 😦  Want to know what the book about?  Well, here is the summary from Goodreads.com:

The Dupres have been Savannah’s guardians, appointed by a band of root doctors and hoodooists, for nearly two hundred years. They’ve all grown…complacent. Now, the Arcos brothers, who’ve long been entombed at Bonaventure, have been inadvertently freed by a group of teenagers horsing around in the cemetery. Determined to take revenge on the city who entombed them, the Arcos’ gather strength in the city’s youth. Within the moon’s full cycle, the gang’s quickening will be complete–they’ll become vampires. Newlings, out of control and craving human blood will ravage the city. The one thing the Arcos’ didn’t count on was the powerful love of a sister. Riley Poe will stop at nothing to get her brother back. The one thing Riley didn’t count on was the powerful love of a vampire. Eli Dupre will do anything to get her. Follow Riley, Eli, and the vampires of the Dupre House into the shadowy, underside of Savannah.

I think it sounds awesome, plus I love me some vamps so I am sure it will be sweet!  I know I am super excited to get my hands on it because I always love finding new series and this one looks really promising!  So what are you looking forward to this week?


5 responses to “Waiting on Wednesday-Afterlight

  1. Love the cover of this one and sounds like there’s a lot going on. Never heard of it before. Thanks.

  2. This like a book I’d read and so I’ve put it on my TBR pile. Thanks for a great recommendation!!

    Here’s my WOW

  3. ohh I want to get my paws on this

    Here’s Mine

  4. This looks really good!!!!!

  5. Very cool pick. This sounds like something that should be set in New Orleans. I guess Savannah makes sense too.
    Alison Can Read

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