Harry Potter Extraveganza!!

Woo Hoo!  Harry Potter!  Why am I so excited?  Well, some blogger friends of mine have organized a month devoted to the awesome Harry Potter.  There will be reviews of the books and many giveaways of all things related to, you guessed it, Harry Potter!  Here is a schedule of all the blogs participating and when they will be posting:

10/15 Amy Reads
10/16 Amy Reads
I am very excited to see what all the blogs are doing and how they will be celebrating Harry Potter all month.  There are also a couple of quizzes  you can take here and here that will tell you what house you belong in.  Then you can grab one of the buttons below and show support for your house!  I took the quizzes and was sorted into the  Hufflepuff house, therefore I  will be displaying that banner on my blog :) Go ahead and put up your houses banner to show off your love of Harry just like the rest of us.  So put up the button, follow the blog tour and have a great time during the Harry Potter Extravaganza!!

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