Julie Kagawa Signing and Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I pretty much had the best weekend ever.  No really, I did.  I headed down to Richmond and got to hang out with my sweet friends Monica and Susan.  I was planing on just staying one night, but we had way to much fun so I ended up staying the whole weekend.  We stayed up late, Susan baked (Monica and I cheered for her while watching) and we watched Disney movies while singing at the top of our lungs.  It was awesome!

If that was not fun enough, we also got to hang out with Julie Kagawa since she was signing at the Fountain Bookstore.  I am always so sad when she does signings because I live nowhere near her and never get to go.  This time I was making sure nothing was going to stop me from seeing her.

James, Monica and I chatting

When we got to the signing, Julie was already there setting up and Susan introduced me.  I tried very hard not to go fan girl on her and I think I did a pretty good job, right Susan?  Anyways, we chatted a little and then she set up to read a chapter from The Iron Queen, oh yeah, be jealous!  I heard the whole first chapter and of course it just makes me want that book that much more now.  Julie even did voice changes for the characters, she was so cute reading.

Julie signing a tower of books

After that we cleared the chairs away and she set up to sign some books.  I was so excited to get my books signed!  I also bought two copies there so I will be giving those away to a lucky winner (details to follow).  Julie even drew a little Grim in my book, his expression says he was not as excited to be drawn, but that’s ok 🙂  Not as cool as the Grim rock James won, because those rocks are sweet!  I want one, they are so cute!  Sorry Grim, not cute, I mean they look very tough and intimidating.

Jule and I having fun

So after the signing and chatting some more, we all decided to go and get some pizza.  I was super excited because Julie was coming with us and I could inwardly squeal some more because I got to hang out with her.  We walked down the street to Bottoms Up (so good!) and had lunch.  We talked about her books, I tried to get some insight into Iron Queen, with no luck of course and we had a blast!  We got pretty loud at some points, but they put us upstairs away from everyone so we had plenty of room to hang out and just have fun.  Julie really is the sweetest person and I loved getting to meet her and hang out.  If she comes close to where you live please go see her!  And if you have not read her books you need to do that now, because they rock.

Speaking of her books, I have a signed copy of The Iron King and The Iron Daughter to giveaway!  Yay!  The contest will start today and run until midnight Friday, November 26th 2010. Please leave a comment below (don’t forget to include your email please) and tell me if you are Team Ash or Team Puck.  I will not penalize you for choosing one way or the other *cough* Team Ash all the way *cough* because everyone is entitled to their opinion.   😉   Want an extra entry? I will give you a bonus point if you tweet or link to this contest (Twitter, sidebar, facebook, etc.) Only one extra entry per person.  This is only open to US (sorry international my wallet needs a chance to recover from shipping fees). I will use random.org to choose the winner!  Good luck!

*This contest is now closed*

*All pictures were provided by my awesome friend Susan*


30 responses to “Julie Kagawa Signing and Giveaway

  1. I will go with team ash. It sounds like you had alot of fun getting to meet her. I would love to read these books.

  2. I like Ash – I really do…but Puck…Puck is Puck. He’s timeless. He’s the one that never really got the chance to be with the MC. He made me laugh, cry, and cheer. Ash is cute and easy to admire, but he’s kind of annoying…pretending that he doesn’t like her and what not. He didn’t risk being turned into a bird for her, like Puck. He’s her real knight in shiny armor!

    So, I’m going to cast my vote towards Puck. Sorry :-p

    Tweeted (+1):


  3. Please enter me! I have no idea what team I am though! Lol

  4. Ooh, tough choice! I’ll have to go with team Puck, because he’s much more friendly and fun (sorry, Ash! You may be hot, but personality wins all!).
    Thanks for the contest! Sounds like the signing was really fun! (I wish authors would come to my area!)

    +1 tweeted: http://twitter.com/renkellym2/status/1747581969371136

  5. Great recap! Don’t enter me, which is a good thing since I am Team Puck all the way. THE BATTLE IS ON!

    hehe. Anyway, that day was awesome. Can’t wait to see you again!! By the way, I’ll be up in NoVa for Thanksgiving if you wanna hang out at some point.

  6. What an awesome day. So jealous that you Julie! I love her books so much. Nice giveaway. Team Ash all the way. I’m not entering…just wanted to comment. 🙂

  7. Team Ash! : ) Super Jealous! Love the Giveaway!
    I tweeted (+1)

  8. Team Ash! thanks!

    twilightforever.edward at gmail dot com

  9. What an awesome weekend for you! Thanks for sharing the fun and the goodies with us 🙂

    Since I have been waiting to get these books for myself, I haven’t read them yet!! So I can’t say which team I’d choose. I’m looking forward to finding out for myself which team to follow.

    onebookshy at yahoo dot com

    Thanks again,


  10. I think it’s easy for me to say what team I’m on. I do like Ash but Puck is just for me. So I am Team Puck. (But I support Team Ash too… but Puck is higher for me in all standards)
    Put this contest on my sidebar. So +1 I suppose.

  11. I love this series and I want copies to share with my students. (Math teacher here :)) I am team Ash all the way.

    I sent a tweet out about the contest at http://twitter.com/finklv

    So excited about the new book announced today too. Iron Knight, Ash’s story. I can’t wait! 😀


  12. Sounds like you had a great time. It’s awesome you got to hang out with her! I can’t say which team I’m on because I haven’t read any of the books yet, but I have been wanting to. 🙂

    +1 I tweeted:


  13. I´m Team Ash when it comes down to shipping him with Meghan. I love them together. But I love Puck too, he´s one of my favorite characters, and I wouldn´t mind if he got a tiny chance with Meghan, I´m still hoping she ends up with Ash though.

    See what I did there ? LOL. Thanks for the giveaway!

    nadjscr at hotmail dot com

  14. I tweeted about this too! 🙂

    nadjscr at hotmail dot com

    • Sorry for the messages, I just think the previous one didn’t show my picture from twitter :/

      I tweeted about this too!

      nadjscr at hotmail dot com

  15. Team Ash! Thanks for the great giveaway

  16. I want to read these books so bad. I will go with Team Ash because I like the name better, but until the I read the books I can’t say for sure.

    I tweeted to so add me in again please – http://twitter.com/JessicaHastings


    Jessica @LaughLoveWrite

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  18. Eek, can I enter w/o having a TeamChoice? I haven’t read any of Kagawa’s novels, but certainly winning these two will push me to read the first one, and quick! 😉 Thanks for the generous giveaway.

    unabridgedchick at gmail.com

  19. I haven’t read the books yet, so I don’t have a team. But I have really been wanting to read these so I’d love it if you still entered me. 🙂

  20. Team Ash!


  21. Team Ash!! (I ❤ Ash!)

    +1 retweet http://twitter.com/RLynn415

  22. FABULOUS!!!! Contest…. Oh please enter me…. *jumping up and down*
    Team Ash!!!
    Team Ash!!!!
    Team Ash!!!!!
    +1 for retweet for ya….

  23. I’m so bummed to have missed out! It looks like you guys had a fantastic time 🙂

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