Musical Sunday

I don’t usually post that much on the weekend, but today I have a couple of music based things I wanted to share.  First up, I found this video while going through my Google reader yesterday on Allison Pang’s blog.  She is the author of A Brush of Darkness, awesome book, reviewed here. Anyway, the video she put up is here:

Those boys are talented right?  Alright, next up, is one of my favorite songs that I just watched the video for, it is called Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars, check it out.

I was watching that video yesterday thinking, hmm, the lead singer looks familiar.  Yeah, it took me this long to figure out it is Jared Leto.  I know, but I have just listened to the songs not watched the videos so I am going to use that as my excuse, that works right?  Either way, songs are great and Jared still looks good too 😉

Lastly, my new guilty pleasure, the movie Burlesque.  I have been sick all weekend (again, ugh!) so I have been watching a lot of movies and not reading 😦  but I did discover this movie.  I know it looks a little questionable and it will probably not be winning any Oscars, but the musical numbers are awesome!  Plus Cam Gidget is in there for some nice eye candy 😉  Stanley Tucci is also one of the main characters and I love him!  Musicals are one of my weakness, so I had to give it a try.  And no matter what people say Christina Aguilera can freaking sing!  There is one balled in the middle of the movie where she belts it out, it is amazing!  I am still humming some of the songs in my head now, especially the final number, Show Me Your Burlesque.  There is no way you can hear that song and not at least tap your feet to the beat.  The movie is definitely for a PG-13 audience though, so keep that in mind.  Alright, enough from me.  I am going to leave you with the trailer and wish you all a happy (and hopefully healthy) Sunday.


One response to “Musical Sunday

  1. I LOVED Burlesque! Cam Gigandet was so hot in it, and then of course, there’s Cher and Christina, plus Stanley Tucci- such a great cast. It was a great movie; my roomie and I saw it in theatres. I may buy the DVD at some point.

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