Book Review of Seduce Me In Dreams by Jacquelyn Frank

Title: Seduce Me In Dreams

Author: Jacquelyn Frank

Release Date: March 22, 2011

Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Nightwalkers and Shadowdwellers series, Seduce Me in Dreams begins a sexy new futuristic series featuring an elite group of military heroes.

Dark. Mysterious. Sensual. When Bronse Chapel, the commander of a specialized unit of the Interplanetary Militia, begins to dream about a beautiful and exotic brunette, he wants to dismiss it as being induced by lack of sleep . . . or perhaps lack of sex. But his instincts tell him it’s something different, something far more dangerous.

Ravenna is the leader of the Chosen Ones, a small group of people from her village born with extraordinary powers. She doesn’t know that draws her to Bronse’s dreams night after night, but she senses that he and his team are in jeopardy. Ravenna can help him, but first Bronse must save the Chosen Ones from those who plan to use their powers for evil. Together, Bronse and Ravenna will be unstoppable. But Ravenna is hiding something that could endanger them all.

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My Review: I was between books and wanted something that still had paranormal or fantasy elements in it, but not vamps or were-wolves.  Sometimes I just need a break from them, ya know?  So, when I saw this book was in the sci-fi catagory and still had romance elements in it, I immediately wanted to read it.

Before I read books, I always read a couple reviews just to get a feel for what to expect.  I don’t read spoilers, but I have a couple of blogs I always check to see if they have read it and see what they thought.  The summary is just not enough to get me interested in books all the time, I like to know what my fellow readers think.  Many of the reviews I read on this book talked about the slow start and confusion in the first couple of chapters.  I did not feel that way at all.  I thought the beginning of the book was actually the opposite, it started with a bang and then had a couple of slow pockets here and there as the story progressed.   As for the confusion, if you read sci-fi then you are probably used to getting names of strange places and people thrown at you and this book is no different.  As someone who reads a lot of sci-fi/paranormal/fantasy, I did not have any problems with all the information introduced in the first couple of chapters and keeping it all straight.  I actually liked learning about a world I have never explored before, it kept me interested.

The secondary characters  really took the book up a notch.  Many times in books you get a great feel for the two main characters, but the supporting cast can sometimes be neglected.  In Seduce Me in Dreams, Jacquelyn gives you insight into multiple characters lives and it adds depth to the already intricate world she has created.  Some of the characters did stay in the background a little, but you are given enough information about them to get a good feel for their personalities and want to see more of them in the future.  Bronse leads his crew and Ravenna is the support system for the Chosen Ones so as a reader it is important to know what kind of people stand behind both of them.

The only downside to this book was the ending.  I know that everything is not going to be resolved at the end since this book is part of a series, but I am used to having the main issues resolved.  While most of them were, there were a couple of very open-ended story lines that I was not happy with.  I cannot say to much without getting spoilery so I will stop there.  I am hoping that Jacquelyn has left some of these questions to tease us and will answer them in future books.  Overall, the ending just fell a little short and was somewhat anti-climatic.  I was expecting a little more after such a big build up and was left a little disappointed.  I would not let this discourage you from reading the book though because it is still a great read, just be ready to have questions at the end.

Seduce Me in Dreams has a great cast of characters that you can’t help but get attached to.  The world Jacquelyn has created is fascinating and has left me wanting more from it.  I am excited for the next book in the series that comes out later this year called Seduce Me in Flames.  I have not read any of Jacquelyn’s book before, but I really enjoyed her writing style in this book and I will definitely be checking out her other books out now.

FTC:  I received this ARC from the Amazon Vine Program.


One response to “Book Review of Seduce Me In Dreams by Jacquelyn Frank

  1. This book sounds great! I know what you mean when you say you want a break from vampires and were-wolves 🙂

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