Ode to Maggie Moo Cow

I am typing my blog post today with a heavy heart.  I don’t usually put my personal life up on my blog because it is private and I like to keep it that way, but today is going to be an exception.  I am writing this post today in honor of one of my dogs, Maggie.  I came home from work on Wednesday to find her lethargic, she had freezing cold paws and a tongue that was almost white.  She was starting to bloat as well and did not want to get up off the floor.  This is a dog that was perfectly healthy the day before, so I was completely shocked to find her in this condition.  We took her to the vet and found out that she had cancer with multiple tumors.  One of them had burst and she was bleeding internally, there was nothing they could do for her so we had to put her to sleep.  I am beyond devastated, because dogs are a member of the family as far as I am concerned.  I know that everyone is not that way, but in my family dogs are vital and a huge part of our lives.

Maggie was a brindle boxer and only 8 ½ years old.  She was a rescue dog that we adopted in 2003.  She was the sweetest dog and had the best disposition.  She was a bed hog and liked to take up as much room as possible on the couch, but we spoiled her and let her do pretty much anything.  We called her Maggie Moo Cow most of the time and I am not 100% sure where that nick name started, but it stuck.  She was also referred to as “the cow” “moosticus rex” and “moo cow”.   She would also whine like seal when she wanted something or snort like a pig.  So no idea how the cow thing came into play, lol, but she would answer to it all the time.  She was one of those dogs that whenever friends would come over they would fall in love with her instantly.  We have two other dogs that are wonderful, but people always gravitated to Maggie first.  She was also a mother, so she took care of our other two dogs when they were sick or would keep them in line when they acted up, haha.

I woke up this morning and actually went looking for her, forgetting events that had transpired and my heart broke all over again.  My whole family misses her and cannot believe how fast all of this happened, but we are getting through it.  We still have our other dogs and are thankful for them, but will always miss Maggie.  She was everything you could want in a dog and I am so sad I will not see her again.  I just wanted to do a little tribute to her today and let the world know about Maggie Moo Cow and how much she is missed.


8 responses to “Ode to Maggie Moo Cow

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets are our family members and it is heartbreaking to lose one we love dearly. I was destroyed when I had to do the same for my own Boxer Max. They are unbelieavably awesome dogs.

    Be comforted knowing she is no longer in pain and had a great life with you. She was obviously a very happy, well-loved pup.


  2. I am sorry for your loss…she is at the rainbow bridge playing with my border collie, Dingo. She is out of pain and will be waiting for you

  3. Meaghan, I am so, so sorry about this. I’ve been through this myself a few times and I wish you didn’t have to go through this pain. Oh, my tears are flowing this morning. My deepest sympathies to you.

  4. Michelle @ Book Briefs

    I am the biggest dog lover in the world. This post broke my heart! I am so sorry for your loss. I love that she was a rescue dog and that she went to a great home. I can tell how happy she was and how much she was loved from her pictures! Such a cute dog!

    Im sorry for your loss, and I wish you and your family all the best. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.


  5. I’ll miss her too, Meaghan. She was a wonderful, loving dog.
    RIP Moo Cow.

  6. Thank you so much for all the comments and support everyone! It means so much to me. I know I will miss her, but we are all getting through this, just slowly.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your baby, she was precious that sweet face you want to just hug her up. It’s just as hard to lose a pet as it is a person, they become such a big part of your family they are like your children. I feel for you, I lost my Corgi 2 days before Christmas of this year and I still miss my sweet boy. My daughter told everyone she worked with, that he wasn’t just a dog he was her brother. I always told my husband that he was my constant, because he was constantly there for me. They love you unconditionally no matter what. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  8. Im so sorry about your baby I too know how it feels I lost my baby sam almost a year ago it hurts ! I know what you mean by when you say its not just a animal its family your kids 🙂 My heart goes out to you Im so very sorry !

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