My Undying Devotion to the World of Zelda

So today I am going to reveal a little obsession I have had for quite a while now.  Zelda.  As in the video games with the in the girl who always gets captured and Link (aka me) has to go and save her and Hyrule from certain doom.  I remember playing the first version of this game  on my very first nintendo that looked like this.

Does anyone else remember this thing?  Well, it was my brothers and my world for quite a while.  Until he sold it when I was away at college and I came home livid!  (yeah I called you out bro, now what?) Anyways, my first Zelda game was even that gold cartridge version.  We thought we were pretty awesome!

My point to telling you all this is that there is now a new edition of Zelda out.  It is called The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  And it is ridiculous!  My favorite Zelda is still Ocarina of Time, but this one is starting to become a close second.  Ever since it arrived on my doorstep, my free time has been spent doing little else.  I haven’t read anything except what is going on in the world of Link and Zelda.

Isn’t it pretty? And yes, that is a gold remote that came with it.  It even has a Triforce on it!  Squee!  I also know by telling you all this my true dork nature is shining out brighter than ever, but if you haven’t seen me on twitter or other social network sites in a while, this is why.  Well, Zelda and now a horrible stomach flu are ruling my life at the moment.

So, when I finally beat this game you will definitely see more from me online.  Until then I will leave you with the trailer from this amazing game and hope I get better soon so Link and I can get back to rescuing Zelda.  🙂


2 responses to “My Undying Devotion to the World of Zelda

  1. I would’ve beaten this twice by now.

    • I suspect this comment would be my silly little brother so you can ignore this rude remark, lol. And you would not have beaten this twice by now because you suck, just FYI. 🙂

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