Interview with Elisabeth Staab

I am thrilled to have author Elisabeth Staab here with me today. She is the author King of Darkness (review here) the first book in a new paranormal romance series. She took some time out of writing to answer a couple questions for me. I hope you enjoy them!

A Bookworm’s Haven (ABWH): Can you start out by telling us a little bit about King of Darkness for those who might not have read it yet?

Elisabeth Staab (ES): King of Darkness is about a newly ascended vampire king, his destined mate, and their struggle to come together. The vampire race is at war with a competing species of evil wizards, and Thad Morgan is trying to find his prophesied mate so that he can present a united front and rule properly. But who he finds and where he finds her are not at all what he expects.

(ABWH): Do you have a favorite scene from King of Darkness?

(ES): I think my favorite scene is where Thad and Isabel first make love. They get off to a rocky start, but it’s the first time they really connect, even though they don’t entirely recognize it at the time.

(ABWH): If you could describe Thad and Isabel in just three words each, what would they be?

(ES): Thad: strong, sexy, tortured

Isabel: independent, confused, generous

(ABWH): If King of Darkness became a movie who would your dream cast for Thad and Isabel be?

(ES): Hmm, that’s a tough one. I think if King of Darkness ever became a movie I’d be too thrilled to be picky!

(ABWH): Vampire paranormal romance is always a genre I love reading about. Have you always had a love for them as well?

(ES): Looking back, yes. I think the seed was planted during my very first viewing of The Lost Boys when Michael and Star made love.

(ABWH): In you biography on your website, you talk about the plethora of jobs that you have held. What made you finally decide to become a writer?

(ES): I wrote my whole life, just not with the idea of making it a career. When I was given a Kindle one year for Christmas and started blowing through one series after another, things started to get a little crazy though. I started thinking maybe I’d like to write one of my own. One night when I was rocking my son to sleep the opening scene of King of Darkness came to me, and that’s when I started writing seriously.

(ABWH): Can you tell us about what you are working on right now? Anton and Tyra’s book maybe? *wink, wink*

(ES): I just turned in Anton and Tyra’s book, Prince of Power, to my editor. I’ll be starting shortly on book three.

(ABWH): What types of books do you like to read in your free time? Are there any authors/series that you must have when they come out?

(ES): Sadly, I don’t get much time to read these days. My go-to staple is Suzanne Brockmann, and I’m looking forward to checking out her new paranormal series. I’ve heard great things about it.

(ABWH): Are you a plotter or a panster? Do you plot your stories ahead of writing? Or do you write and see what happens? (Writing “by the seat of your pants”.)

(ES): I’m a pretty hard-core panster, but my critique partner sat me down and forced me to start plotting a little, and I find I’m starting to like it.

(ABWH): Thank you for being here today Elisabeth! Do you have anything you would like to add?

(ES): Thanks so much for having me on your blog! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog today. 🙂

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