Interview and Contest with Sara Humphreys

I am very excited to have author Sara Humphreys with me here today to answer some questions about her Amoveo series. The latest installment Untouched (review here) was awesome and just released earlier this month. Make sure you check out the interview and read all the way through because I have some copies of Untouched up for grabs! Now, onto the interview with Sara.

A Bookworms Haven (ABWH): Can you start out by telling us a little bit about Untouched for those who might not have read it yet?

Sara Humphreys (SH): Absolutely. This is Dante and Kerry’s story, two characters who were introduced in UNLEASHED. Dante Coltari is a pureblooded Amoveo from the Fox Clan. The Amoveo are dream-walking, telepathic shape shifters made up of 10 different animal clans. They have one pre-destined mate and if they don’t find that mate by the age of thirty, they begin to lose their abilities and will die. Their race has been hunted to the brink of extinction by the Caedo family, the one human family who knows of their existence. However, in UNLEASHED it was revealed that a purist sect of Amoveo were far more dangerous than any human could be.

Dante has found his mate in Kerry Smithson—a human-Amoveo hybrid from the Panther Clan but she’s got no idea she’s a hybrid or that the Amoveo even exist. Kerry is a plus-size model who lets everyone believe that she has a germ-phobia but the truth is far more frightening. Kerry has the gift of second sight and with one touch she’ll see your deepest secrets and feel excruciating pain. The only person she could ever touch without pain was her best friend Samantha and the only image she saw when she touched Sam was a wolf.

Dante owns a private security firm and is hired to serve as Kerry’s bodyguard on a photo shoot in New Orleans. Kerry quickly discovers that Dante’s touch brings nothing but pure pleasure and fills her mind with the image of a fox. Can Dante convince her of who she is and keep her safe from the purists who want to destroy her?

ABWH: Do you have a favorite scene from Untouched? I personally liked Kerry and Dante’s first date, especially when it started to rain and they boarded the riverboat. 🙂

SH: You read my mind! That’s definitely in my top three. Another one is when they’re sitting on the airplane and he touches her for the first time. That’s the moment which cracks the seal on the isolated world she’s created for herself.

ABWH: If this series could be made into a movie, who would your dream cast be for Dante and Kerry?

SH: Joe Manganiello from True Blood would be picture perfect as Dante and Christina Hendricks from Mad Men could be a great fit as Kerry—she’d just have to change her hair to jet black.

ABWH: We get to know quite a few secondary characters in Untouched. Two of my favorites would be William and Steven. Do we get to see either of them featured in the next book? *keeps fingers crossed*

SH: You sure do. UNTAMED, which will be released in November 2012, is William and Layla’s story. I thoroughly enjoyed writing their book because he is so freaking uptight and utterly befuddled by the spitfire of a woman the fates have hooked him up with. Steven’s story will be told in the fifth Amoveo book which is due out in the Fall of 2013.

ABWH: Untouched features the Amoveo who are shape-shifting animal clans as the paranormal creatures in the limelight. If you were Amoveo, which clan do you think you would belong to and why?

SH: That is a tough one because it’s kind of like picking your favorite kid. BUT…if you were to hold a gun to my head and make me choose then I’d go with the Tiger Clan. They’re fierce, powerful, sexy and elusive. You’ll see more of them in books to come.

ABWH: Do you have a favorite character from this series?

SH: Another tough one but probably Kerry. She’s sassy, sexy, smart and tough. My kind of girl.

ABWH: What is something we can look forward to in the series that you are especially excited about?

SH: Book four, UNDONE, is a crossover book between the Amoveo Legend series and upcoming vampire series. The heroine in book one of the vampire series is a secondary character in UNDONE. I like her a lot and she’s neck and neck with Kerry for my favorite character.

ABWH: On your website you talk about your love for Captain Kirk. I myself am a Picard girl, and even though you like Kirk we clearly both share a love of fantasy. Do you have a favorite fantasy book or TV show you watched or read growing up?

SH: Favorite TV shows were Star Trek and Moonlighting—which wasn’t fantasy exactly but had me glued to my television every week. The banter between Maddy and David was priceless and I loved the way they would break the fourth wall and talk to the audience.

ABWH: Can you share what you are working on right now?

SH: I’m writing UNDONE (#4 Amoveo Legend) and the first book in the vampire series. I also have a YA series in the hands of my super-fab agent 🙂 so stay tuned for more on that in the coming months.

ABWH: Do you have anything you would like to add?

SH: I hope that readers will enjoy the world of the Amoveo and share it with their friends. I love to hear from folks, so feel free to drop me a line via my website!

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions. I loved reading Untouched and can’t wait to read the next book!


She should be seen, but never touched…

Kerry Smithson’s modeling career ensures that she will be admired from afar, which is essential since mere human touch sparks blinding pain and terrifying visions.

Every good model needs a heavenly bodyguard…

Dante Coltari is hired to protect Kerry from those who know who she is—or more importantly what she is—and want her dead because of it. Nothing could have prepared him for the challenge of keeping her safe. But, strangely, his lightest touch brings her exquisite pleasure rather than pain, and Dante and Kerry have an otherwordly connection that might just pull them through.

“Red-hot love scenes punctuate a well-plotted suspense story that will keep readers turning pages as fast as they can.”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review


Sara Humphreys has been attracted to the fantasies of science fiction, paranormal, and romance since her adolescence when she had a mad crush on Captain Kirk. An actress and public speaker, Sara lives with her husband–who is very considerate of her double life–and four amazing boys, in Bronxville, New York. For more information, please visit, Like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter!/authorsara.

Now for the giveaway! Thanks to the awesome publishers I have two copies of Untouched up for grabs. All you have to do to be entered to win is fill in the form below. It is open to US/Canadian residents only. The contest will run until midnight Friday May 11th 2012. Want an extra entry? I will give you a bonus point if you tweet or link to this contest (Twitter, sidebar, facebook, etc.) and be sure to put the link in the form. I will use to pick the winner. Good luck to everyone.

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3 responses to “Interview and Contest with Sara Humphreys

  1. Great interview! Shape shifter books are my favorite reads and vampires are my second, so I love that Sara is doing a spin-off series with them. I admit I still need to read Unleashed (it’s on my bookshelf!) My only excuse is too many books, too little time 😦 I will be reading it soon! I promise!! I love that she pictures Joe Manganiello as Dante. Yum! Thank you very much for the giveaway!

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