Book Review of Dark Seduction by Brenda Joyce

Title: Dark Seduction

Author: Brenda Joyce

Release Date: May 1st, 2007

Genre: Adult Paranormal/Historical Romance

Malcolm of Dunroch is a newly chosen Master, a novice to his extraordinary–and dangerous–powers. But he has already broken his vows–and a young woman’s death is on his hands. Malcolm is determined to fight his darkest desires, denying himself all pleasure…until fate sends him another Innocent, the beautiful bookseller Claire Camden.

Since her mother’s murder, Claire has done everything possible to make a safe, secure life for herself in a city where danger lurks on every street corner, especially in the dark of night. But nothing can prepare her for the powerful and sexual medieval warrior who sweeps her back into his time–a treacherous, frightening world where the hunters and the hunted are one and the same. Claire needs Malcolm to survive, yet she must somehow keep the dangerously seductive Master at arm’s length. For Malcolm’s soul is at stake–and fulfilling his desires could prove fatal….

Summary from

My Review: I found Dark Seduction at a book sale and the summary sounded really interesting so I bought it and brought it home. I will admit it did sit on the shelves for a little while, but I finally decided to read it because I needed a change. All my paranormal romance books were starting to blur together and I could not take it anymore. I needed a break from the typical creatures that go bump in the night.

I have never read a Highlander book before, historical romance is not my thing, but the time traveling in Dark Seduction intrigued me. I thought there would be just enough paranormal mixed with the historical that I would be okay. Now that I am done with it I can say I am a huge Highlander fan! Man, those Scottish men are alpha to their core. I may have stepped into a more historical novel, but those alpha heroes were still very present and kept me very interested. It took me a while to slip into understanding the Scottish brogue but I got the hang of it eventually. It also forced me to slow down and enjoy the book and not just rush through like I can sometimes do. Which was a welcomed change from my normal fast pace reading habits.

The world that Brenda built was mesmerizing. I have been to Scotland and there is just something about it that is mystical all on its own. It is a beautiful country and reading this book just reminded me of how wonderful it can truly be. It also makes me want to take a trip back there right now and rediscover its beauty for myself. For now though, I am going to have to settle for Brenda Joyce’s descriptions, which is fine by me.

I found the idea of warriors traveling through time fascinating and a clever twist in this book. These Highland men are born to fight evil and take vows to protect the innocent. They do not take their duty lightly and they will fight to their last breath defending what they think is right. It is very alluring, but can be frustrating at the same time because they are so stubborn and do not take orders from anyone. They are also in the mindset that women are to listen to what they say and not question them, so when they come up against a modern day, strong and independent woman they are flabbergasted. Watching them squirm was delightful and I love that Brenda has chosen modern women to come back and bring these Master of Time to their knees.

As for Malcolm and Claire, I fell in love with their story. Malcolm is determined not to fall in love or get married, ever. Claire on the other hand lets her heart guide her and finds it very difficult to resist Malcolm. I will admit his male chauvinistic tendencies did get on my nerves once or twice, but Claire quickly put him in his place and I appreciated that she did not just back down and give into his demands. They complimented each other very well and I truly enjoyed their story.

Overall, I am very happy I decided to take this book off the shelf and give it a chance. My first trip into the world of Highlanders was successful and I will be continuing on with the series. I am very interested to see what kind of trouble Royce will get himself into in the next book and I can’t wait for Aiden’s book after that. If you like paranormal romance and want to try out a historical romance than this book will give you a little bit of both. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking a refreshing read that has the ability to suck you in, force you to slow down, and just enjoy the world you are reading about.


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