My First Saturday Snapshot!

On my blog I love featuring books that I love and talking to authors.  Reading has always been a hobby of mine and I love it!  I also have a passion for photography and stumbled across this meme, Saturday Snapshot, this week and decided I am going to try and participate in it as well.  This meme is hosted over at At Home with Books and is just people sharing a photo they have taken and telling a little about it.  So here is my photo for this week.

Last year we had a big snowstorm where I live and I was looking out the back window of the house and saw this guy hanging out in a tree.  He looked so beautiful, I had to get a picture.  He rode out the storm in that tree and graciously let me take as many pictures of him as I wanted.  He flew off after the snow stopped and I have not seen him since, but I still love this picture.


3 responses to “My First Saturday Snapshot!

  1. What a gorgeous shot! He really is beautiful there perched there in the snow. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  2. I love this picture! That is really cool 🙂

  3. Thank ladies! It is one of my favorite pictures. I have it hanging up in my house just so I can look at it all the time. 🙂

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