Book Review of Transcendence by Cynthia Omololu

Title: Transcendence

Author: Cynthia Omololu

Release Date: June 5th, 2012

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal

When a visit to the Tower of London triggers an overwhelmingly real vision of a beheading that occurred centuries before, Cole Ryan fears she is losing her mind. A mysterious boy, Griffon Hall, comes to her aid, but the intensity of their immediate connection seems to open the floodgate of memories even wider.

As their feelings grow, Griffon reveals their common bond as members of the Akhet—an elite group of people who can remember past lives and use their collected wisdom for the good of the world. But not all Akhet are altruistic, and a rogue is after Cole to avenge their shared past. Now in extreme danger, Cole must piece together clues from many lifetimes. What she finds could ruin her chance at a future with Griffon, but risking his love may be the only way to save them both.

Full of danger, romance, and intrigue, Transcendence breathes new life into a perpetually fascinating question: What would you do with another life to live?

My Review: I will admit that when I was first approached about this book I was a little hesitant. The historical element made me a little nervous. Since I have been blogging I have learned that I am not a historical girl and I did not want to accept a book to review that I would not end up enjoying. I read a little more about it online and was really intrigued by the whole idea of past lives I so decided to give it a try anyway. I am very happy that I did give this book a chance, because while there are historical elements in it, the story itself was really interesting and I ended up really loving this book.

I have been reading a lot of paranormal lately that focuses on some kind of paranormal creature, like vampires or werewolves. Therefore, it was really refreshing to dive into a novel that had nothing to do with any of those things. I have read about reincarnation and past lives in other books, but I really liked Cynthia’s spin on it in Transcendence. I especially enjoyed experiencing some of Cole’s past lives memories alongside her. She gets very small snippets, but I liked trying to piece all of them together to understand what kind of life she had in the past. These past memories also help shape her present life and mold the type of person she is becoming.

The romance in this book was very sweet and I connected with Griffon and Cole immediately. They do move a little fast and I know that can bother some readers, but it worked for me. I think that remembering their past lives has matured them so when their relationship moved quickly it made sense to me and was easy to accept. The two of them do have quite an interesting history and as they get to know each other all of it slowly clicks into place. I love how Griffon treated Cole like she was a gift to be treasured.

As for the story, I loved that Cynthia did not take time filling the pages with lots of description about the scenery, but instead focused on advancing the plot itself. I don’t like filler materials in novels and appreciated Cynthia concentrating on what was important and that was Cole learning about her abilities. The plot moved forward at a fast pace and I was glued to the pages from start to finish.

The mystery in the story was trying to decide who Cole could trust and who was out to cause her harm. I did riddle out who the villain was long before she did but I still enjoyed watching her try to decode all the information she had unloaded onto her. While I saw the clues, she was very distracted by everything that was happening to her and could not fit all the pieces together right away. She did not make poor choices, she was just not sure who she could trust or turn to when she needed help. While it did take her longer to figure out what was going on, I still really enjoyed this aspect of the book.

Overall, Transcendence is a promising start to a new series. It had a little bit of everything, mystery, romance, interesting topics to explore and kept me engaged the entire time. I loved the writing style and was emotionally invested in the lives of Cole and Griffon. I know there a sequel that is due to release next year and I will be eager to get my hands on it! I would recommend this to someone looking for a good young adult paranormal read that leaves all the creatures behind and explores reincarnation and how knowing your past could affect everything about your future.

FTC: I received this ARC from the publisher through NetGalley. Thank you!


One response to “Book Review of Transcendence by Cynthia Omololu

  1. This sounds like a great, fast-paced book that my DD would love. Thanks for the review!

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