Saturday Snapshot – Key West Part Three

Saturday Snapshot is hosted over at At Home with Books and is just people sharing a photo they have taken and telling a little about it.  I have been in the Florida Keys for the past couple of weeks and my trip is coming to a close.  I go home on Tuesday 😦 but I have had an amazing time.  Luckily the rain has let up and we got to go to the beach this week.  I have two pictures I took there to show you today.  The first is a little snail attached to some coral:

You can barely see the little guy, but he is hiding in there.  The second picture is coral that has been fossilized into the rocks on the shore.  I think it is brain coral, but I am not a hundred percent positive, I just thought it look really cool.  🙂

So what do you think?  Next week I will probably share one picture from being down here, but by that time I will be back home.  I had a great time down here and have gotten to take some really fun pictures.  How about you guys?  Anyone else have a Saturday Snapshot to share?


24 responses to “Saturday Snapshot – Key West Part Three

  1. Very cool…the brain coral is kinda creepy looking!

  2. That looks like brain coral to me. Your photos are great! Enjoy your last few days at the beach.

  3. Christine Harding

    The second photo looks almost like lace. It would make n interesting embroidery. My Snapshots are at My Snapshot is at

  4. Wow, amazing picture! I love that snail and the brain coral is pretty cool, too!

  5. The coral looks so soft and cuddly.

    • Haha, yeah not so much. I fell a couple of times taking these pictures and the coral hurt. Got a couple of scrapes and bruises to prove it. Navigating coral, while trying to take pictures, while the waves are splashing up every couple of seconds is not so fun. But It is worth it to get great pictures in the end. 🙂

  6. That snail must feel very stylish in his beautiful shell!

  7. Awesome photos, love the brain coral.

  8. The shell stuck to the coral is a neat photo. Yes, see the little critter, but just barely.

  9. Both of these photos are beautiful. The coral texture is very cool.

    Here’s my
    Saturday Snapshot.
    I hope you will stop by!

  10. Those are neat – very clear photos!

  11. That coral is very unusual looking!

  12. Nice! The beach would be great lately.

  13. Great pictures. Glad you’re having a fabulous holiday.

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