Saturday Snapshot-Froggie

Saturday Snapshot is hosted over at At Home with Books and is just people sharing a photo they have taken and telling a little about it.  This week I am sharing a picture I took a while ago.  I just came across it against recently and still thought it looked pretty cool.  So here it is:


So what do you think?   This little guy was hanging out on our door one night.  I like how in some places he almost looks transparent.  How about you guys?  Anyone else have a Saturday Snapshot to share?


30 responses to “Saturday Snapshot-Froggie

  1. I like how it looks like he’s just hanging in space….

    Here’s my Snapshot.

  2. He does look transparent! It’s a great photo. My Snapshot is at

  3. What a fantastic shot! Love the way it looks. 🙂

  4. What a great picture. At first I thought he was on a glass table and you snapped him from below. On your door. I love when nature visits us in unusual ways. My snapshots are of city and nature.

  5. Great picture! I haven’t seen a tree frog in ages, they are so cute!

  6. Cool! How big was he? Was he a small tree frog? A peeper?

  7. That is such a neat shot! I love looking at frogs in real life but it doesn’t happen often that I see them.

  8. That’s a terrific picture! One of those right-place-right-time shots.

    My Scottish Saturday Snapshots

  9. That’s such a very cool photo.

  10. I love this. What a great shot to get, and it does look partly transparent.

  11. Love it!!! I’m a nature freak and photos like this turn me on!
    Here’s mine:

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