Saturday Snapshot – Angel Trumpets

Saturday Snapshot is hosted over at At Home with Books and is just people sharing a photo they have taken and telling a little about it.  I discovered a new flower recently and wanted share it.  It is called an Angel Trumpet.  I had never seen them before and thought they were just so beautiful.  Has anyone else seen this flower before?  The way they droop down is just so cool, plus the flower itself it really beautiful.  This is all of them together.

This is a closer up of the flower itself.

I got down on the ground to get a picture of what it looks like when you see them all upside down.

And this is a picture of two of them that overlapped.  I liked how they looked together.

So what do you think?  Anyone else have a snapshot to share?


20 responses to “Saturday Snapshot – Angel Trumpets

  1. Gorgeous flowers! I do love the colors and the “drooping.” Thanks for sharing…here’s MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  2. These are lovely! They look like sunshine.

  3. Angel trumpets!!
    I think I took some photos of these flowers a few weeks ago but didn’t know their name.
    Do you think they are the same flowers ?

  4. what sweet and interesting flowers! They remind me of morning glories.

  5. Those are cool! It would be fun to relax under them (you know, if I wasn’t afraid of bugs dropping on me). 🙂

  6. What beautiful flowers. I’ve been taking flower photos as well. My Snapshot is at

  7. Enjoyed looking at the photographs!

    Here is my Saturday Snapshot post!

  8. Aren’t they beautiful? Do they have any scent? There are so many of them … is it a vine-type plant? Love that your got down on your back to get the shot up into the trumpets! That’s dedication to the photo challenge!

  9. These flowers are so beautiful! Yellow is my favorite color. I’ve never seen Angel Trumpets before. Thanks for your terrific photos!

  10. We used to have this plant and when they flowered it was magnificent. Yes, they are heavily scented and grow into a very large tree. Unfortunately we lost it during one very icy winter. It grew so large we couldn’t put it in and we were too late in covering it up so the snow ended up killing it 😦

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