Book Review of Edge of Oblivion by J.T. Geissinger

Title: Edge of Oblivion

Author: J.T. Geissinger

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

Release Date: October 2nd, 2012

In a dark underground cell, Morgan Montgomery waits to die. A member of the Ikati, an ancient tribe of shape-shifters, Morgan stands convicted of treason. And Ikati law clearly spells out her fate: death to all who dare betray.

But there is a glimmer of hope. Thanks to her friendship with Jenna, the new queen of the Ikati, Morgan has one last chance to prove her loyalty. She must discover and infiltrate the headquarters of the Expurgari, the Ikati’s ancient enemy, so they can be destroyed once and for all. The catch? She has only a fortnight to complete her mission and will be accompanied by Xander Luna, the tribe’s most feared enforcer. If Morgan fails, her life is forfeit. Because Xander is as lethal as he is loyal, and no one—not even this beautiful, passionate renegade—will distract him from his mission. But as the pair races across Europe into the heart of Italy, the attraction blooming between them becomes undeniable. Suddenly more than justice is at stake: so is love.

Sensual, thrilling, and action-packed, Edge of Oblivion will enthrall readers with nail-biting suspense and heart-pounding passion.

Summary from Author’s Website

My Review: The previous book in this series, Shadow’s Edge, (review here) was an introduction into the world of the Ikati and had a new mythology I was very eager to learn more about. We knew some things about this groups past, but there are still some holes that need to be filled in and J.T. gave us some of that in the prologue for Edge of Oblivion. It gave us some great insight into why the Ikati have become who they are today and why they have chosen a life of secrecy.

In Edge of Oblivon, we are following Morgan after she has been found guilty of being a traitor. She gave information about her people to their enemy and put many lives in jeopardy. While that may not sound like a heroine you can root for, here is a quote of Morgan remembering a day from her childhood when she saw the cruelty of her tribe.

“She’d been there the long-ago day his mother had dropped his newborn sister-tiny, puling, and deformed- into the yawning black mouth of the Drowning Well, then turned and walked away without even shedding a tear. Waist high and frightened among the somber, gathered adults, Morgan had clutched her father’s hand and felt terrified and proud there was nothing wrong with her, no deformity or weakness that would compel the tribe to shun her, compel her own mother to make a trip to this unholy place or risk death for all her other children and herself.”

As you can see, her tribe shows no mercy and on top of that they have very strict rules they enforce on the women of the tribe. Which is why Morgan has become the person she is today. She grew up in a world where her life has been dictated for her and she had very few choices of her own. Her motto is “live free or die” which is how she has ended up in the situation she is now. The enemy promised her freedom in exchange for information and that is the one thing she craves over all else. I admired her courage and determination to have a life that was her own. Her people, however, are not so impressed and have decreed that she needs to find the lair of the Expurgari to destroy them once and for all to gain her freedom or she will return and be executed. While on this journey she is accompanied by the man that is to be her executer, Xander. He is just as determined as Morgan to live his own life. He has a tortured past that haunts him and has turned him into a killer with seemingly no remorse. The two of them have an instant attraction to one another, but the situation they find themselves in keeps either one from acting on it.

The emotional tension between these two burned white hot for the entire book, but the physical side was a slower build. They had too many issues they had to work through and neither believes there is a happy ending in their future. They are both struggling with thinking they even deserve to be happy. This inner turmoil made Edge of Oblivion such an emotional journey for both characters. Morgan says to Xander:

“We both know how to live broken. But the past is just that. Past. And the future is out of our hands. Neither one has a place here with us now. Let it all go and just be with me.”

The city of Rome was an amazing backdrop for the plot in Edge of Oblivion. It was almost like another character with all the vivid descriptions J.T. painted for us and the locations within it that played pivotal roles in the plot. I have not been to Rome myself, but I felt like I was transported there for the duration of this novel and could clearly see all of the places Morgan and Xander visited.

While the book does focus on Morgan and Xander, we do get a couple other characters points of view. We briefly visit with Leander and Jenna at the beginning of the novel with Morgan’s sentencing, but that is the only time we see familiar faces. I was not sure I was going to like being taken away from what I already knew, but I ended up enjoying meeting new characters, especially the Ikati that live in Rome. They were a big surprise in terms of how they thought and the role they ended up playing in Morgan’s story. I am not sure if the next book will involve them or not, but I will be interested to see where everyone ends up after the ending in this book.

Overall, Edge of Oblivion was a great addition to this series! It was an emotional ride, but I loved watching Morgan and Xander learn how to love and trust one another. Edge of Oblivion is a great paranormal romance read and I cannot wait to see what J.T. will bring us in the future.

FTC: I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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