Saturday Snapshot – Boxed In

Saturday Snapshot is hosted over at At Home with Books and is just people sharing a photo they have taken and telling a little about it. Today my Saturday Snapshot is not very exciting, but it is a reflection of my life right now. I am moving, not the blog, but into a new house. My husband and I have been waiting on our house for a while and have been living out of boxes for way too long. We have had all our clothes and necessities, but a lot of other things have been in a storage unit for quite some time. We are finally getting ready to get into our own house and I could not be more excited. My first picture today is what the garage of the place we are currently staying in at the moment looks like.

Yeah, and that is only a small amount of our stuff. Then we have the side where most of my books are being held.

You can’t see my books, but they are there. Want to guess how many boxes it took to fit them all? Uh, yeah it was around 25 boxes and that was after I donated at about fifty books to Goodwill. Think I have a book problem? Lol. In my defense many of them are ARC’s so I did not buy all of them. I do love my books though. I cannot wait until we get our bookshelves set up at the new house and I can put them back in order again.

This move is also the reason I have been scarce online lately. I do still have posts planned for the next couple of weeks, but if I am not on Twitter or if I only post once or twice a week, you know why. Once we make the move and get some boxes unpacked I will be back online a lot more, I promise. 🙂

So, anyone else know the pain of moving or have a Saturday Snapshot to share?


5 responses to “Saturday Snapshot – Boxed In

  1. Living out of boxes is certainly not fun! I shudder to think of how many boxes it would take to move all of my books. Hopefully when that day comes we’ll have movers to help. 🙂

  2. Oh, I hate moving! Good luck with it all.

    And you don’t have a book problem–you have great book treasure. 🙂

  3. Yay for your new house! Moving stinks but opening all of those boxes will be like Christmas! It will be fun to use your stuff again. Although I always came across things that I didn’t really miss too. Congrats and good luck!

  4. I hate moving too. You look much more organised than I am.

  5. Good luck with the move. It sounds like hard work, No Snapshot from me this week, but I’m enjoying looking at everyone else’s.

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