Book Review of Savage Hunger by Terry Spear

Savage Hunger

Author: Terry Spear

Release Date: October 1st, 2012

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

In the heat of the jungle, jaguars are clawed, dangerous, and hungry for love. With hopes of overcoming night terrors and thanking the man who saved her life, Kathleen McKnight returns to the Amazon. A jaguar at heart, Connor Anderson doesn’t just protect her, but wants to claim her for his own.

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My Review: This is the first book I have read by Terry Spear. I am not sure why I have not read her before, but after reading Savage Hunger I will definitely be checking out her other books!

In Savage Hunger we meet Connor, a jaguar shifter who lives with his sister, Maya. Connor is a bit of a loner and does not want to get attached to a woman. He thinks he is doing just fine on his own and has never found someone that makes him want to settle down. That is until he rescues Kathleen from an army mission gone wrong. He is forced to leave her when reinforcements come to find her, but has a hard time forgetting her. Maya is determined to find someone for Connor to settle down with and get married. When she learns that Connor cannot get Kathleen out of his mind she is sets out to get these two together. She is very cunning and conspires against her brother when it comes to Kathleen. She goes to drastic measures to get Kathleen to stay with them not only because she wants to see her brother happy, but she also wants a sister.

Kathleen has recently been discharged from the Army and heads back to the Amazon to find her rescuer and thank him. She gets a lot more than she bargained for when she finally finds him, but that is a surprise you will have to discover on your own when you read the book. Kathleen was strong heroine, especially coming from an Army background and I was happy to see her stand up to Connor’s alpha ways and not just give into him.

There is also quite a bit of humor thrown in Savage Hunger that I did not expect, but it was very welcome. For example, the locals think that Connor is some kind of jaguar god and they think Kat and Maya have an interesting role in his life as well. He explains it to Maya:

“The hunters seem to be on our side for now, thinking I’m the local jaguar god.”
“Jaguar god.” Maya snorted. “If you’re a jaguar god, we’re jaguar goddess.”
He chuckled. “They believe you’re part of my harem.”
She laughed at that but quickly turned to make sure she hadn’t disturbed Kat’s sleep. She whispered, “I’ll have to pick up my own cache of jaguar men.”

The quick banter back and forth between Connor and his sister kept me laughing at numerous points and I enjoyed seeing such a strong bond between the siblings.

The action in this story was pretty much non-stop. Kathleen was constantly being chased by the drug lord she tried to take down while she was in the Army and it was not an easy task to out run him, especially when they were in the middle of the Amazon jungle and there were plenty of other predators that could have killed them.

The romance in Savage Hunger was hot! There was a deliciously slow build of tension between Connor and Kat until the two of them just could not deny their feelings any longer. I was elated to see that neither of them ran away from the other or tried to go off on their own and do something foolish which is often the case in paranormal romance novels. They were not quite sure how everything was going to work out, but once they acknowledge their feelings they were determined to figure it the mess they were in together.

The core of this story is Connor and Kathleen sorting out their feelings for one another so we follow them most of the time, but we also get into the mind of Maya a couple of times and I enjoyed seeing the world from her point of view. She was an easy character to love and I am keeping fingers crossed that Maya will get her story next! Plus, I already think we know who her mate is going to be and I am interested to see how it will all play out.

Overall, Savage Hunger is a fantastic start to a new series. Everything you could want in a paranormal romance is in here, fast paced action, explosive romance and well developed characters that you will easily grow to love. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a new addictive paranormal romance read.

FTC: Thank you to the publisher for sending me this ARC to review through NetGalley.


One response to “Book Review of Savage Hunger by Terry Spear

  1. Great excerpt. I love how she’s going to have to get her own male harem :).

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