Guess who’s back?

So back in December of 2012, I said I was going to take a break for a couple of months…here were are almost four years later and I have decided to pick back up with blogging again.  I was so burnt out and had so many books to review and felt the pressure to get things done, I lost my love of reading somewhere along the way.  So, this time around I am just going to keep it casual.  I am not really going to run a lot of contests or have a number of posts I have to have up in a certain amount of time, I am just going to review books once I get to them and share them up here with whoever wants to come to my blog and read them.  I am reading books more regularly now, and will be putting up reviews soon, even if only about ten people read my blog, lol.  It does not matter to me though, I love books and I love sharing my thoughts and that is the point of this blog.  So I am back, I will be putting reviews up soon and I am looking forward to getting back in touch with others in the blogging/book world. 🙂


2 responses to “Guess who’s back?

  1. Sounds good. Just enjoy and try to keep it stress free.
    I had about 9 months or so of not reading anything too. I felt so far behind on my favorite series and authors it got overwhelming. But I have started actively reading again and just read what ever I feel like at the moment instead of trying to complete my list.
    Welcome Back!

    • Thank you! I feel like now that I am not putting all this pressure on myself to read or post how I thought I needed too, I am reading more and enjoying it. Sometimes a little break can be a good thing!

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